Meet the Best Vendors in Texas

Irene Hieber and Barbara Arthur

​Sisters Irene and Barbara have been in the antiques/collectable business for a very long time.

It all begin with their love for old movies and the stars. They started collecting Hollywood memorabilia. Eventually they added other vintage and antiques items, such as furniture, jewelry, stamps and dolls to name a few.

Barbara likes the hunt, Irene likes the research, making a perfect team.

 Rebecca Blackmore

Rebecca has been a long time vintage and antiques treasure hunter and dealer. She loves to Upcycle and Repurpose discarded items for their potential beauty.

Stacy Johnson
Danny and Johanna Davis

The story of Johanna and Danny Davis (JCA) begins a little different than most others. Johanna and Danny had totally opposite beginnings. Johanna got into antiques by going to sales at a young age with her mother. Not quite understanding what her mother was trying to pass down to her. As years passed by, Johanna fell in love with antiques and wishes her mother were alive to see that her passion lives on. 
Danny began collecting metals, brass, copper, and cast iron and never dreamed he would be caught dead at a garage sale, thrift shop, or Goodwill. But one day he found a sterling silver ladle made from 1840-1843 and was hooked. And made a nice profit as well. Now their passion is to find more such treasures together! Finally the Buda Antique Mall seems to be a part of them now with all the vendors, friends and customers they have met. Johanna and Danny both agree that with the new owners Robert and Maryann now are making it like their dream come true.

Stephen Kelley

My name is Stephen Kelley and I am an Active Guard Reserve (Full-time) Soldier in the Texas Army National Guard for almost 18 years active and 21 years total.  I became a vendor at OTBAM in April 2017 with a tiny glass case where my current downstairs location is and I have slowly expanded to two spaces with the other space upstairs beside the staircase.  I have always had a fascination with antiques since I was a kid growing up in Northeast Texas especially the history or stories behind them. I am an avid coin collector with over 3000 pieces (coins, tokens, medals, currency) in my private collection. I scour places that I have a chance to visit (vacations or military business) to find unique items for my spaces that customers will enjoy buying or reminiscing about.  An aspect I enjoy at the store is the camaraderie with the other vendors and learning their tricks of the trade and I have also learned a lot from customers on some of the items I have brought in such as zippo or tabletop lighters, hat blocks, or sewing machines.   

Bryce Georg

Welcome, I'm Bryce Georg the curator of Antiquity's Vintage Mercantile. My journey began when I was a young girl visiting antique shows and shops with my mother, on a pursuit for curious and uncommon finds. My grandparents also contributed to my appreciation for these items as they owned an antique store in San Marcos, TX. Having these experiences and being surrounded by all the aged and once loved treasures, now gives me the passion for the junkin' hunt! I take pleasure in uncovering old eclectic pieces for decor and collection necessity. From authentic industrial farmhouse, primitives, antique ironstone, vintage handmade linens and quirky old bits and bobs; it's all gathered here. I hope soon, you will find your way in to see all the unique vintage and antique goods that Antiquity's has to offer!